Flower girls in the grand barn of 6 Pastures, Winchester, Virginia

Honestly, flower girls are sometimes the best part of the wedding. Frilly dresses, flower crowns nestled gently in their curly hair, and giggles. Now, OCCASIONALLY, you will get that flower girl who goes straight down the aisle, perfectly timing the throw of petals on the ground, and standing as pretty as a picture for the whole ceremony. Very Sweet.

But, let’s face it, more often than not it can be mass pandemonium. Yes, there is still the frilly dress but the back is tucked up in the back in her little grassed-stained white tights. There is still a flower crown but she has decided it looks best as a small hula hoop around her wrist. And there are still giggles….. as she races down the aisle with the basket on her head.

So it got me thinking. Why do we even have flower girls? Centuries ago flower girls carried wheat and herbs as a symbol of fertility and prosperity for the couple. In the renaissance era they carried strings of garlic to repel evil spirits. In the Elizabethan era they carried a cup with petals or a posy ( I LOVE Posy’s!). Modern day flower girls symbolize beauty and good luck.

But I guess any way you slice it they are just too darn cute for words. They will sit down in the grass during the ceremony oblivious of the significance of the ceremony. Then they will own the dance floor at the reception like no one is watching. Such freedom and abandonment and, oh yes,…giggles.

The picture above was a great flower girl shoot last year at 6 Pastures with Thera VanDerveer Photography, and Caresse Fine Lingerie for the robes. And of course dresses by The Valley Bride from Rosebuds :).