Ad for Sample Sale with model wearing white mermaid dress. Strapless with sweetheart neckline
Ad for Sample Sale

Sample Sale. What are they? Why do bridal shops have them? Why are they typically in the summer? Inquiring minds want to know!

So I went to good ole’ Wikipedia just to look up the definition of sample sale they had and they were dead-on correct. You can read their definition or just continue reading in my own words. Or both.

So sample sale. Can also be termed as cash-and-carry. Floor stock sold off-the-rack. And my personal favorite “great dresses at a really great price!”. Basically, they are our dresses purchased from our designers to have in our shops for brides to try-on. They are our samples that we use for re-order and for one reason or another have decided to not have them in the shop anymore.

Why do we have them? There are several reasons. 1. Could be a dress that just hasn’t done well the brides. 2. The dress has been discontinued by the designer so there is no option to order different sizes or colors. 3. A decision not to move forward with a particular designer and 4. the biggest reason, at least for me, is MAKING ROOM FOR NEW DRESSES!!!

Why in the summer? Two reasons: 1. It’s our slow season (and I get lonely LOL) 2. For me, it’s my buying season. I do my buying and ordering in mid to end of July so I am able to have my new dresses arrive in the shop by the end of November. Just in time for engagement season and the New Year.

So a sample sale is a great way to get a really awesome wedding dress at a really good price. For the most part there is nothing wrong with the dresses. Maybe a little dirt on the hem. Loose beading. May need to be taken in or let out a bit for the perfect fit. Nothing a little seamstress work can’t fix. Of course, depending on the shop, the samples can be in really rough condition. But you won’t find that here. I go WAY out of my way to keep my dresses in as pristine condition as possible.

So that, my friend, is a sample sale. Later on we will talk Trunk Shows!