Larget house with four white pillars and square manicured lawn.
Kentlands: Wedding venue in Berryville Virginia

The Shenandoah Valley never ceases to amaze me. In addition to beautiful landscapes and lovely people, there are hidden gems tucked away that I get to check out. One such gem is this new wedding venue: Kentlands at Sans Souci.

So I have to start by saying that the end of this wonderful field trip begins with me eating crow. Not a lot. Just a mini-quiche worth of “Morgan, you don’t know everything”. I’ll explain.

A couple weeks ago photographer popped into the shop to visit. She was telling me about a new wedding venue in Berryville but she couldn’t remember the name. So me, knowing all things local, provide the name for her. “No, that’s not it” she replies. “Are you sure? I don’t know of a nice wedding venue in Berryville other than that one.” “No, that’s not it” again, she replies. So after we had a great visit she leaves with my parting words, ” Hey girl! Text me that name of the venue if you remember!”. She says she will. I go back to my daily to-do list thinking I know the name of the venue she is referring to….. Well, low and behold, 30 minutes later she texts me crow quiche, I mean, the name of the venue. LOL

Well I am so glad she did!!! As soon as she sent me the name I looked it up on-line and WOW! There sure is. So guess what I did?? I thanked the Lord, ate the quiche, and immediately called for an appointment to meet the owners and see the property.

So yesterday my co-pilot for the day (Eli) and I loaded up and headed out. Straight down Route 7 and take a right onto Kentland Lane. Easy. That’s it. Even the lane itself is beautiful as we drove to the manor. And the owners! Super nice!! I met with one of the siblings, Julianna. I also met the youngest brother Jack, and two other sisters (their names escape me). So hospitable and gracious! The house is beautiful and the grounds are so lovely! Check out my live posts on Facebook although it does not do the place justice.

I love going to the wedding venues. Get’s me out of the shop and meeting lots of people. Stay tuned to my blog as my plan is to see several venues this summer!