Picture of Morgan, the owner of The Valley Bride bridal shop, sitting in a chair.
Our first bridal boutique blog from The Valley Bride! Morgan here, co-owner of The Valley Bride, and we are starting another new adventure: Blogging! I am hoping to use these blogs for several things: educating brides, sharing our fun projects and collaborations, announcing special events that we host, spotlighting my brides, highlighting the awesome Shenandoah Valley, and even glimpses into my life outside our bridal boutique.
Although my husband Rob and I opened bridal boutique a little over four years ago, I hope these blogs will re-introduce us, develop, and keep a special connection with my community near and far. The website is currently under construction. Soon you will be able to find out more about the bridal boutique and our services at http://thevalleybride.com/about/. One page I am especially looking forward to is the “Meet the Family” page. I am excited to introduce my family that has helped get us where we are! They have been here for the tears, the smiles, the epic fails, the tremendous victories, and of course rocking the runway at bridal expos!
The team at The Valley Bride want to deliver a bridal experience like no other. Southern hospitality will reign supreme! Our goal is for you to leave our quaint bridal boutique better than when you came in. No purchase necessary! Inside these four walls it not just about the dress, it’s about the EXPERIENCE. Come in and experience the difference!
It has been quite the adventure so far but ready for soooo many more. If you get a moment and you just want to pop in, please feel free! We are right in the heart of old town Winchester at 127 N Cameron Street. Afterwards, check out the walking mall at https://oldtownwinchesterva.com/ and see all there is to do! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.